3 Major Reasons To Get A Roll-Off Dumpster For Your Renovation Project


Do you have a construction project that you want to complete next year? Are you excited about finally getting to renovate and update your home? While home renovation projects are great, it can be all too easy to forget a seemingly minor aspect that actually causes various issues and delays in the future. One such item that is easily overlooked and forgotten is what is going to happen to all of the construction debris that gets generated. You may be able to find a contractor who will dispose of it for you, but it's not something you should leave to chance. Including the rental of a dumpster in your plans is a good idea for the following reasons.

Cost: If you pay a contractor to dispose of waste on your behalf, chances are high that they will simply rent one or more roll-off dumpsters themselves and then charge you extra on top for having to do this. If you handle this yourself, there isn't much more effort or paperwork involved than getting someone else to do it for you, and you'll be saving money. You could try to dispose of everything by just driving the waste to the dump, but you'll likely wind up paying way more in dump fees than you would pay for the dumpster.

Convenience: It does take a brief phone call or filling out an online form to be able to rent any roll-off dumpsters, and some people see this as simply being too much of a hassle. When you're trying to do everything yourself, a short phone call or form is going to be much easier and more convenient than taking multiple trips to the dump. While having a contractor handle the rental for you does seem even easier, this is again something that you'll have to pay for. In addition, you may still have to fill out the exact same paperwork as you would have if you'd just rented the thing yourself, resulting in little to no savings of time.

Safety: Without anywhere else to put the trash, the construction waste will likely wind up getting piled in your yard until it can be dealt with. This heap of rusty nails, broken boards, glass, and so forth is going to look like an interesting place for kids to explore, potentially resulting in serious injuries. When roll-off dumpsters are used, all these interesting bits of trash are concealed out of sight and are out of reach of any kids who might otherwise be tempted to play with or in these hazardous materials.

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6 November 2019

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