3 Reasons To Hire Professionals To Clean A Toilet Backup


Dealing with a toilet backup can be a dirty business. The last thing you want to be faced with is a bathroom that is flooded with raw sewage. If your toilet does back up, you will want to address the source of the problem immediately. Once sewage is no longer backing up into the bathroom, you will need to start the cleaning process. 

Handling raw sewage can be extremely dangerous, so it's best to leave the cleanup to a professional.

1. Proper Equipment

Sanitation companies that specialize in handling toilet backups have access to the equipment needed to remove raw sewage safely. A submersible pump can be used to remove the bulk of the sewage, with employees utilizing mops and rags to clean up any remnants left on the floor or walls.

Employees will be outfitted with safety equipment that will protect them from exposure to the sewage. The average homeowner doesn't have a submersible pump or protective equipment readily available, and acquiring these items can add to the cost of cleaning a toilet backup.

2. Material Disposal

Even if you feel like you are capable of cleaning up the mess left by a toilet backup yourself, you will still have to tackle the problem of disposing of soiled materials. Drywall, tile, carpeting, and other construction materials that have been contaminated by raw sewage can pose a threat to public safety.

These materials will need to be contained so that they don't spread harmful bacteria throughout your home.

Your local landfill may not accept items tainted by raw sewage, so a facility that deals with hazardous waste must be located. Leaving the cleanup to a professional eliminates the need to make arrangements for the disposal of items soiled by raw sewage.

3. Chemical Cleaners

A professional will have access to detergents and sanitizing chemicals that are not available to the general public. These specialized cleaning materials are designed to eliminate any microbes that may be left behind after raw sewage has been removed from a bathroom.

Fungus, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants can be found in raw sewage. If all traces of these contaminants are not killed off, your family could become ill. You want the strongest cleaning agent possible to restore the health of your home.

Only a professional cleaning crew can completely eliminate all traces of raw sewage after a toilet backup and restore the safety and function of your home.


8 November 2019

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