Preparing For Septic Tank Installation: Preparation On A Number Of Levels


When you are building a house on a property that is outside city limits, you will have to install a septic tank to manage waste. This requires preparation on a number of levels. To be adequately prepared for this septic tank installation, check off your preparedness against the following. 

Payment Due 

Installing a septic tank is never cheap. There is so much involved with getting the tank in the ground and getting it connected to the drain pipe from the house and the drainpipe to the drainage field. Most septic contractors will expect payment upfront, or payment when the job is complete. Either way, make sure there is enough money in your checking account or enough credit on your credit cards to pay for this. 

Cleared Area

Nothing should be in the way of the installation of your septic tank. Several trucks have to get in the area to excavate down to the right location for the septic tank and even more digging is necessary to create the drainage field. The entire section of your yard where the tank and the drainage system is going to be should be cleared of everything that could possibly get in the way. 

Visual Shock

As previously mentioned, there is a lot of excavation going on here. It may be an emotional jolt to the system to see huge swaths of your yard dug up and piles of mud and soil everywhere. However, this is necessary to get the tank and the pipes leading to and from the tank into the ground. Be prepared to see some giant holes and trenches in the ground and just know that as soon as everything is installed properly, all of that excavated mud and soil is going back into the holes and trenches and covering the septic system. You may have to plant new grass over these areas, but the trenches, hole, mud, etc., will be gone. 

Landscaping Needs

After the septic contractor has successfully installed your tank and pipes, he/she pushes all the mud/soil back over everything that is in the ground. There will be plenty of bare dirt that will need landscaping. You can either hire a separate landscaper/landscaping company to make these areas look like a yard again, or you can have bags of grass seed on standby to DIY grass repair. Once the grass seed takes root, you really cannot tell that there was ever this massive excavation of your property for the installation of a septic tank. 

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24 November 2019

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