Starting a Backyard Renovation Project? Don't Go Without a Porta Potty and a Temporary Fence


An outdoor project around your home can be loud, dirty, and inconvenient during the time that people are at your property and working on your home. There are a few things to consider to help keep yourself separated from what is going on outside the home and to make it easier to deal with the project going on.

You want the staff to have everything they need, without having to bother you for the items. Talk with your local service providers to ask about these items while the project is going on.

Get a Porta Potty

You don't want to have people you don't know, and who are dirty from working around your home, using your bathroom inside the house. It also isn't ideal to have people leaving the project and delaying work every time they have to use the restroom, especially since there isn't much one can do when they have to go.

Have a portable toilet rental dropped off on your property at a location where it won't be a problem to navigate around. Ask the company for a unit that has hand sanitizer and ask about emptying options during the duration of the rental, if you think this could be a problem.

Consider Temporary Fencing

If you are worried that your pets or kids are going to get into the construction area, or other kids that live around you, temporary fencing can be a good idea. The loss of tools, equipment, and materials can also be a concern if there are a lot of items that get left behind every night when the professionals leave the job site.

The temporary fencing will keep people out and can limit or prevent people from seeing what is going on behind the fence. Get this installed and have the area separated during the project.

Outdoor home renovation or construction projects that are going on with your landscaping or property can be messy, loud, and can take weeks or months. If you know that the project that will be underway at your residence will take a long time, require a lot of people, or create a mess, you should talk with local service providers in your area about getting a portable toilet and a temporary fence put up. You can also put "no trespassing" signs on the toilet and fence if needed. This should help reduce the inconvenience you experience during the project. 


26 November 2019

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