3 Parts in Your Septic Tank That May Need Repair


Septic tank repair regularly involves fixing the inlets, outlets, and pipes. You hear a lot about the repairs made to these components in a septic tank, but rarely do you hear about repairs to other parts in or connected to your tank. The following three examples are septic tank parts that need repairs but you rarely hear about them. 

The Baffle

A baffle is a tube and device inside the tube that helps circulate the contents of your septic tank. There are usually two baffles in your septic system. One is in the main collection tank and it helps move the liquid waste into the effluent side of the tank system. The baffle in that part of the system moves the liquid waste into the outlet to the drainage field. If either baffle is not working correctly, your septic tank repair technician has to fish the baffles out of the tank (usually by digging it up and opening it up) to remove and replace the baffles. 

The Effluent Filter

This component is often considered optional in septic tanks, but most septic contractors recommend installing it anyway. It is a metal sieve, and only absolute liquid can sneak through the filter to head to the drainage ditch. It prevents slightly solid waste from slipping through, forcing it to stay in the septic tank until it either finally dissolve fully into a liquid, or until it is pumped out with the next septic tank cleaning. The filter does an excellent job of keeping solid and semi-solid waste where it belongs, but it can wear out or become clogged if too much toilet paper or other solids stick to it. The repair technician needs to clean out the tank, and then thoroughly clean the filter to make it work properly again. 

The Access Risers

People with riding lawnmowers, tractors, and trucks make the common mistake of going over the tops of the access risers. These are two access portals at the top of some septic tanks. When someone drives over the top of the risers or takes a machine like a lawnmower over the top, the risers are bent, crunched, and/or damages in some way that it would make it impossible to clear out the tank and clean the system. The risers have to be fixed, or if the damage is particularly bad, the whole tank may need to be replaced. 

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4 December 2019

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