4 Reasons Your Toilet Is Backed Up


Not having your waste go down the toilet when you flush it is not a surprise that you want to deal with. However, if you find yourself dealing with a backed-up toilet regularly, you have a bigger problem on your hands that you need to address. There are four common reasons why your toilet may be getting backed up all the time.  

Reason #1: Bad Vent 

Many people are not aware that their plumbing system has vents in it. These vents help create the vacuum needed to pull waste through your plumbing system. If a vent is blocked, not enough air is getting into your pipes, creating a vacuum that prevents water from flowing. Your toilet vent may be blocked, or the general plumbing vent may be blocked with an older home. You need a plumber to locate the vent and clear whatever is blocking it. 

Reason #2: Blockage 

Second, your drain could be blocked because the wrong things have been going down your drain. If you flush anything other than waste and toilet paper down your toilet, such as paper towels, napkins, or sanitary pads, you could be experiencing a blocked drain that is keeping the waste from going down the drain and is sending it back up.  

Or, you could have an object stuck in the drain, such as a toy that a kid accidentally dropped in the toilet and tried to flush away. A serious block will require clearing the pipes to get things flowing again. 

Reason #3: Tree Roots 

Tree roots will do anything to find good sources of water and nutrients. If your sewer lines have even a tiny crack in them, tree roots will exploit those cracks and use that as an opportunity to gain access to a steady supply of water and nutrients. Tree roots can block up your pipes over time and can cause all sorts of plumbing problems. 

A professional plumber can use tools to cut away the tree roots in your system and repair any damage from the tree roots. You may also want to call in a tree cutting service to remove the trees if the roots are too invasive and close to your sewer system.  

Reason #4: Septic System 

Finally, there may be something wrong with the end destination: your septic system. If you have a system, your septic tank may be too full, or you may have a leach field that isn't working properly. The ejection pump may have broken down and isn't doing its job anymore.  

If your toilet keeps getting backed up, it is time to work with a professional to figure out what is going on with your toilet backup and fix the issue to get everything flowing again smoothly so you can flush your toilet again with confidence.  


19 January 2022

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